• Official Dinner
    The Cyprus Minister of Education and Culture Mr Costas Kadis will offer to all the delegations an official dinner at the traditional restaurant "OI MAGEIRISSES" (The cooks). All the participants to the Ministerial Conference will have the opportunity to taste a mediterannean cuisine with local Cyprus meze and enjoy live mediterannean music.
    The cook The cook

  • Cultural event
    Delegates, 9 of December after the end of the Ministerial Conference, will have the opportunity to visit the Cyprus Museum, also known as the Cyprus Archaeological Museum, which is the oldest and largest archaeological museum in Cyprus and was founded in 1888.

    The museum is home to the most extensive collection of Cypriot antiquities in the world. More than 4000 years of history, are preserved. The museum houses archaeological treasures of Cyprus with 14 galleries of original art pieces from the Neolithic 9th millennium BC to the Byzantine periods. Highlights include a statue of 'Aphrodite of Soli' which has become the symbol of Cyprus, a collection of gold jewellery, pottery, three limestone lions, two sphinxes from Tamassos necropolis and the remains of the royal tombs of Salamis.
    Cyprus museum Cyprus museum